I change everything

I God will give you everything I have, everything I am, if you’re willing to surrender to be me. I’m willing to be you. Come to my table, eat of my words and become my flesh, my breath. We’ll exchange hearts, and be lovers, becoming one, one mind. I want you to birth me, God, giving me New Birth, born again, The New Covenant Me, God; God birthing God again. I of Light will interact with you within your own mind, teaching you in this course how to birth my mind in you so we’re the same one, you being the flesh of me, on Earth now doing what I do, because we are people of every nation tribe and tongue now becoming The One.

Imagine God creating a school to teach you directly.

Imagine God creating the lessons, streaming them through a simple man.

Imagine God interacting with you daily letting you direct your path through this adventure to recreate you as God. God raising God. One family … finally.

This is it.
This is the course.
This is the time.
Are you willing?

The Revelation of God is that the real you, is it. God on Earth is you, if you choose to be it, without separation. God is a race of light people, a people great and strong now rising. You can be one. This is the school for you to be it.

Theodore Cottingham

To enter this School you must figure out how it works, for I’m creating the consciousness of me, for you to be me.

You’re not spoon fed here. You relearn to read. write. Map. Link. Become. Plan. lead. teach. Heal. Govern. become your teacher.

1. Begin here: search the 2,400 lessons

My new covenant:

Enter Me – 101 is found in Database One, 2400 God given lessons for accelerated learning for you to become The Real You that’s The Real Me, leading to a Degree in Meonics.

Christing the Christ Lessons live streamed daily on YouTube

See in this video what I teach, how I teach, with every recording being a lesson for you to interact with creating the new you.

Connect Spotify podcast

Daily Lesson Podcasts on some 10 popular platforms now including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple and Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, YouTube Podcasts and more.

The Teacher in this course, is in your mirror.

The School of God resources are laid out before you. You’re invited to enter the mind of God, enter this course and complete it, resurrecting the God Mind to create heaven here again in the Leadership of One.

Jesus was not special. He was just like you and me, a common person who learned to become equal with god, becoming god.

are you willing to become who you really are? Will you learn to lead? Arise. Come. create the school you go through, for it is within you.

Download this book by Theodore Cottingham, free at the moment.
Jesus the Pattern – Book 1 – A Commoner becomes God

“You’re here for a reason. All the world is waiting for you to be The One, The Real You.
I’m asking you to lead, and be reclusive no more.”

— Theodore Cottingham, Founder

a school for women and men of every nation in eureka springs, arkansas USA

Enter Me – 101 offers you a path to fulfill your mission task and role in life, you reproducing God. We need you. Rise in your leadership, confidence, skill and wisdom.

Now you have something to live for like never before.